Frequently asked Questions

Is Ramsbottom swimming club suitable for me?

RASC is a family friendly yet competitive swimming club. Although we have a learn to swim programme, the aim is to develop young swimmers to race in competitions and enjoy a variety of aquatic activities. It is therefore expected the children should attend swimming sessions between 2 and 6 times a week depending on age and ability.

If you are looking to swim only once a week then maybe a swimming club is not a suitable option for you.

How do we find out about the swimming galas?

The noticeboard, Facebook, website and Newsletter (coming soon) are the methods of communication we have. Please make every effort to use these communication tools. We have over 300 swimmers in the club so would struggle to inform all swimmers of upcoming events.

When will my child be selected for team gala?

The coaches and teachers at the club will monitor your child’s progression. When we feel your child has the ability to compete against other clubs, we will approach you. If you child is selected, the team sheets are placed on the notice board, so please keep an eye out.

How can I help my child get selected for galas?

Attending as many sessions as possible is the best way to improve a swimmer and gain selection for a gala. Another great way to assess our swimmers is to compete in the internal galas. Any swimmer can enter these galas regardless of their ability. All races are timed, and we can use these times to assess the current ability of each swimmer.

How can we enter open meet galas?

There are various levels of open meet galas and some are more suited to swimmers new to these events than others.

Entry to these galas is usually limited to 9 years and above and some have minimum entry times. The club aims is to provide all swimmers with the ability to compete at the highest level possible. Open meet galas are highly competitive and the swimming is of a high standard.