Lewis Coleman

Lewis is a very successful ex-RASC swimmer who is now competing at National and International galas and having great success.

He competed in the European junior championships in Prague.

He was in the national youth championships where he was one of the youngest swimmers in his age group as he was only 17 and competed in the 17/18 age group. He was very successful and came 3rd in the 100 m breast stroke in a time of 1.03.96, 2nd in the 200 m breast stroke in 2.19.41, 1st in the 200 m individual medley in 2.05.20 and 4th in the 400 m individual medley in 4.33. He is now a member of the World Class Programme.

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October 2007 Bury Times article about Lewis Coleman an ex-RASC swimmer

Lewis Coleman

Lew Coleman National Youth Championships