Internal Galas



- These are run on a regular basis.

- Open to all swimmers

- The trials are very valuable both to coaches and to the swimmer.

- Our coaches are able to judge progress of the swimmers from times achieved.

- These times are often used in team selection for galas.

-Your coach will notify you when time trials will be taking place but they will happen during a normal training session.




- Open to younger members of the swimming club aged 10 and under and not currently representing the club in external galas.

- Held during normal lesson times on a Sunday afternoon.

- An introduction to swimming galas with an emphasis on fun!

- All members able to complete 25 meters are encouraged to get involved




- Open to younger members of the swimming club ages 10 years and under.

- Held on a Saturday evening early summer

- A more competitive event than the Sharks & Tigers Gala with medals awarded.

- All encouraged to attend and again the emphasis is on fun.

- Entry details on the notice board, web site or Facebook nearer the time.




- Club championships are open to all members, there are no age restrictions.

- The club championships are held on a Saturday evening in autumn over 2 weekends.

- Medals are awarded for all events.

- This event is a chance to shine and turn all the hard work into success.

- Entry details on the notice board, web site and Facebook nearer the time




- Team galas take place throughout the year. You can check the club diary on the club notice board.

- Children are selected by the coaches to represent the club at these galas.

- Swimmers will be expected to represent the club when called upon for team galas. Swimmers race in various events to gain points

for the club.

- Ramsbottom ASA compete in the following competitions:

- NELF (North East Lance Friendly League)

- Junior Jubilee

- Central Lancs Junior League


- Swimmers are expected to check the notice board, web site and Facebook for notification of gala selection.

- In these team galas, only children who are 9 years old by October / November can compete.

- Please note no payment is required for any child selected to represent the club at these galas.

- On the day of the gala please ensure swimmers arrive at the designated meeting point in plenty of time where they need to report to

the coach to acknowledge they are present.

- The club sometimes provides a coach to transport the teams to the galas.