External Galas



- These galas are where swimmers compete individually however they represent the club. Swimmers must enter

via the club.

- The purpose of these galas is for those swimmers that wish to compete at a higher level and maybe gain qualifying times for the

Lancashire County Championships, the North West Regional Championships and ultimately the Nationals.

- There are a large number of open galas throughout the year and qualifying swimmers who wish to enter should speak to their coach.

There is a closing date for which entries have to be handed back into the club so do make sure that the forms along with your payment

are returned before that date.

- Each meet we are going to attend as a swimming club will be advertised on our website and notice board.

- All times at licensed galas are recorded on the ASA national rankings list.

- Swimmers must be “category 2” registered to compete in these events. Please speak to your coach for further information.

- If you wish to consider competing at these events please speak to your coach. Minimum age of 9 years.

- Level 1 is the highest level and will therefore have the fastest entry times; level 1 galas are aimed at swimmers trying to gain regional

and national qualifying times.

- Level 2 galas are aimed at swimmers going for national, regional and county qualifying times. Minimum entry times are slower than level 1 galas

- Level 3 galas are aimed at swimmers going for regional and county qualifying times.

- Level 4 galas have the slowest entry times and are aimed at swimmers trying to gain county times and also

for less experienced swimmers.

- In some galas, swimmers who exceed the specified times will be given a ‘speeding ticket’ and so will not be given a medal, but they

don’t seem to mind this!