Working towards Swim 21 Accredited Club

Welcome to Ramsbottom Rascals Amateur Swimming Club


Up and coming events

 Dont forget the pool is closed for building work from Monday 25th September to 1st October. Please see cancelled or alternative sessions below:


                                                         Sessions affected by closure
Alternatives sessions during the same week
Monday Juniors 7.30-9.00
Wednesday 4.30-6.30 at CLC
Tuesday Juniors 7.30-8.30 Cancelled
Tuesday Seniors 8.30-9.30 Cancelled
Thursday LTS1/LTS2 6.45-7.15 cancelled 
Thursday LTS 3 7.15-7.45 cancelled
Thursday Development 7.45-8.30 Cancelled
Thursday Juniors 7.30-8.30 Saturday 5-6pm castle leisure. 
Friday Development 7.00-8.30 - 8.00-9.30 at Heywood
Sunday LTS1/LTS2 12.15-12.45 - Sunday 09.00-09.30 Castle Leisure Centre
Sunday LTS3 12.45-13.15 - Sunday 09.30-10.00 Castle Leisure Centre
Sunday Development 13.15-14.15 - Sunday 10.00-11.00 Castle Leisure Centre
Sunday Juniors 14.15-15.15 - Sunday 11.00-12.00 Castle Leisure Centre
Sunday Seniors 14.15-15.15 - Saturday 4.00-5.00 Castle Leisure Centre




Ramsbottom Rascals Amateur Swimming Club Mission Statement

The aim of Ramsbottom ASC is to help young people fulfil their swimming potential.


We’ll do this by:

- Providing great coaching

- Encouraging team spirit and competitiveness

- Ensuring opportunity in a manner that is diverse and equitable

- Providing a safe and caring environment

- Promoting health and wellbeing